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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Effortlessly Chic in UNAROSA

Just late last year, UNAROSA celebrated it's 10th year as one of the top local clothing brands for women. Even during their early years as a brand, I've always loved their unique and chic styles for clothing that everyday women can incorporate in their day-to-day looks. Their pieces were always a standout without trying to hard yet you can easily wear and style them in your own personal way. 

Like this blazer top, for example. You can opt to layer it with a turtleneck or wear it over a dress. Or you can wear it on it's own like in this particular outfit. I wanted the top to be the standout of this look so I wore it with my favorite black jeans from GUESS and some slip-ons from CALL IT SPRING. 

 Now this look is just effortless yet chic, which is exactly UNAROSA's style!

Pants, GUESS
Sunglasses, SUNNIES

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

When In Hong Kong, Make It Tung Nam Lou

Most Filipinos who travel for business or pleasure have probably been to Hong Kong far more number of times than even their most favorite Philippine destination. And yet, how much of this territory and its people do we actually really know beyond being Asia’s most robust center for business, finance, and innovation on the one hand, and the leisure and shopping haven we all love it to be, on the other?

Well, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer in Hong Kong, and you want to get to know Hong Kong on a deeper level while still enjoying all the many things it is touted to be, I’ve discovered a gem of a hotel right smack in the middle of the Kowloon district where all the shopping and eating takes place.

Its name is TUNG NAM LOU Hotel.

Here is a unique hotel, different in all the good ways from any other hotel I've stayed at or heard and read about. Here's a hotel that gives you subtle glimpses of Hong Kong’s rich art, culture, and literature. I used the word “subtle” because there is nothing forced, imposed, or ‘to your face’ about the whole art and cultural experience. Rather, it’s the little details that pique at your interest or curiosity –whether it’s the antique blue and white porcelain jar on this or that tabletop, or the intricate carvings and gold trimmings on the white buffet table standing against the wall, or the daintily hand painted classic chandelier hanging on the low ceiling.

Everything from the well-curated furniture, d├ęcor, and fixtures in the lobby, to the sculptures, paintings, caricatures and photographs that fill the Art Pub on the 25th floor, to the well-thought of themed rooms, guests will find opportunities to experience Hong Kong with their five senses. In the Music Art Room, original songs by a featured artist are played, while a wall in the Book Art Room is filled with art related books and other literary works of renowned Hong Kong authors. For a more standard hotel vibe with a twist, you can opt for their Comfort Rooms or if you want something a little more luxurious, you can stay at the East or South Rooms as well. But make no mistake about it, this hotel has every modern amenity a person on holiday would like to find in their place of accommodation - cable TV, WiFi connection, iPad, charging bay, and more. It has the equivalent of a business office – called the Heritage CoWork Space – and as the name suggests collaborations between creative minds are actually encouraged here, if expected.

Did I mention the Art Pub? Yes, it deserves a second mention - that amazing space on the 25th floor is where the hotel hosts regular art events, workshops, and exhibits, and where you can simply interact with art. Imagine an entire floor dedicated for featuring art. I love that they provide local artists with a venue to put up their work and share it with tourists like myself! The wide range of art that you’ll find here include paintings, photographs, sculptures, caricatures, and literature that give you a taste of the culture in Hong Kong without having to leave the hotel! While appreciating these local creations, you can enjoy them with some tea and cookies!

Another great thing about TUNG NAM LOU is their location. Situated in the bustling Yau Ma Tei district at the heart of Kowloon, you’ll find different restaurants and shops right outside of the hotel. Since Nicco and I mostly took the train to get around Hong Kong, it was also super convenient for us that there’s a station literally next to the hotel! Talk about accessibility, TUNG NAM LOU is actually a stone’s throw away from most everything a tourist will need from food, bars, shopping, transportation, and money changers.

Oh, but what’s a hotel without its people, and at TUNG NAM LOU, they take customer service to a whole new level. The people are warm, solicitous, eager to help. From the time I was arranging our accommodations, to our arrival and check-in, to every request Of course, how can I forget their kind and thoughtful staff? From the moment we entered the hotel, we were greeted with warm smiles. They were also very helpful when I asked them for some advice on the tourist spots we wanted to visit during the trip. They even went the extra mile and printed out a detailed guide for me!

Whether you're a frequent traveler to Hong Kong or visiting it for the first time, check out TUNG NAM LOU. I guarantee you will find many things to love about the hotel just like we did. And it will change the way you look at every other hotel you would stay at in the future.

For more information about, TUNG NAM LOU
visit their WEBSITE

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68 Portland Street Yau Ma Tei
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Which room is your favorite at Tung Nam Lou? 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Gastronomic Experience at The Cooking Room

Earlier this month, I had the gastronomic pleasure of sampling the menu items of one of Maginhawa Street’s newest restaurants, THE COOKINGROOM!

According to their social media pages, at The Cooking Room, you can be your own chef and prepare and cook your own feast right at your table! And that’s exactly what I did when I visited their restaurant!

I feasted on different kinds of sausages, I was able to customize my own Mongolian bowl, and I got to try their hotpot and grill too! WHAT A TREAT.

I really loved how tasty all their different marinades were for their meat plus they have a wide variety of flavors for you to choose from to satisfy your palette. All the fresh ingredients you can think of for your hotpot and Mongolian bowls are available for you to choose from which allows you to really customize your meal.

The Cooking Room also offers a lot of promos monthly so you can truly personalize and satisfy whatever you’re craving for at their restaurant!

Here are their current promos (Updated November 17, 2018):
PHP 349/head: Unlimited Hotpot & Grill with Bottomless Iced Tea
PHP488/head: Unlimited Hotpot & Grill + DIY Mongolian Bowls
PHP499/head: Unlimited Hotpot & Grill + Sausages

 "UNLIMITED" is a catchword that attracts Pinoy diners like bees to honey! Key in "AFFORDABLE"  then "Let's go! Now na!"
But, hey the food here is actually YUMMY and FLAVORFUL! 
So, if you ask me, this one's a true WINNER!
Next time you’re in the area or find yourself wondering where to go for a sumptuous lunch or dinner with family and friends, go check out THE COOKING ROOM!

They are found at Klircon Plaza, #192 Maginhawa St., Quezon City (Above Shopwise)
You may call and book a table at (02) 703-3344


What would you like to try at The Cooking Room? 

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