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Sunday, August 21, 2016

OH MY BAGS to the Rescue!

These days, women have precious treasure troves in their closets and I don't mean just their clothes and jewelry but also their shoes and bags as well. And, of course, they need to take pains caring for and storing these valuable investments. Bags are particularly tricky items to store because they come in every imaginable shape and size, and not everyone has the luxury of unlimited closet space!

Thank God OH MY BAG has all the tools one needs to keep those precious little possessions in perfect shape and protected from harmful elements.

Here are three of my favorites!

Bag Filers

These are important to protect your favorite bags from getting exposed to dust especially when they're not in use. Dust bags are good but using bag filers for all your babies just makes your closet look neater and more organized. You can even put picture tags so looking for one bag does not need to turn into a mini treasure hunt.


No more stuffing bags with paper and bubble wrap, there are bag stuffers made specifically to keep your bag in their original shape! They come in different sizes that fit most every bag brand and style! 

Handle Wraps

The bag's handle usually gets the most beating and one of the first places that starts to discolor and peel off as a result! Good thing OH MY BAGS has different wraps for different bag handles serving as the perfect (and stylish!) solution! 

If you still haven't, make sure to check out OH MY BAGS for all your bag caring needs. Aside from having a wide variety of filers, stuffers, and wraps to fit any bag, they also have the best assortment of products every bag lover will ever need!

For more, visit OH MY BAGS WEBSITE.
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You may also visit 2 of their branches: 
Binondo Branch:

Yala Bags Trading
2nd floor Bpi Condominium Plaza Cervantes st. Binondo. Manila
Operating Hours: 8:30 am To 5:30 pm

Malate Branch:

Yala Bags Trading
7th Floor Heritage Condominium F Vasquez st corner Remedios st. Malate, Manila
Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Red Bucket Sale Haul

Today on the blog, I am featuring this gray sweater from COTTON ON and this cute printed skirt from BP COLLECTION that's just perfect for the wet and chilly weather we've been having lately.

Both pieces I actually got at the RED BUCKET SALE shopping event that happened at the ALABANG TOWN CENTER! I super loved the concept of this fun activity! Basically all we had to do was grab as many clothes that we liked from the available selection, making sure that we fit them all in one red bucket with the cover nice and sealed in 15 minutes!

I was able to fiit in the bucket eight pieces consisting of sweaters, casual tops, a leather skirt, a pair of shorts, and a pretty pink dress!  The best part is that the clothes were so carefully curated by the awesome people of the ALABANG TOWN CENTER so not only was able to get branded pieces, I was also glad to see that the selection was truly made up of quality pieces! 

You guys can still grab your tickets for the next wave of the RED BUCKET SALE on August 20-21 for only PHP2,500!!! Imagine getting multiple pieces from different awesome brands for such a bargain! CLICK HERE for ticket details!

I was lucky enough to get a gray sweater that went really well with another gray printed skirt that I got from the challenge! Don't they look like they were actually made for each other? I think so!  Together they make a pretty awesome dressy casual ensemble, don't you agree?

Sweater, COTTON ON
Sandals, FOREVER 21


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Monday, August 15, 2016

Love at First Drive: My 2016 Toyota RAV4 Premium 2.5 4X4 Experience

I can't deny it and who can blame a girl like me for falling instantly head over heels? I mean, come on, this handsome piece of machinery has it all. 
But before we get into details, GUESS WHAT? 
And the subject of my first video is all about, what else, but the 2016 Toyota RAV4! 


Now, back to what I love about the 2016 Toyota RAV4!
Just take a look at it!
It's sporty, it's sleek, and these days, it comes in shades that give it an undeniable youthful glow - my favorite happens to be this shade of Blue Metallic.
And no, it's not just all about what's on the outside - though I must admit it caught my eye the instant it went up my driveway. Just check out the interior and see if you could hold that little squeal of delight! I know I couldn't - what with those luxurious leather seats and lots of leg- and-elbow room for as many as five people plus luggage to boot; the easy to read instrument panel with LCD display (which I put to good use on a recent road trip!) and yes, my favorite has to be the 8-way power adjustable driver seat and power lumbar support! No more achy, breaky backs on those long road trips!

I also love that it's got my safety up there on it's priority list, being equipped with:
• knee and front curtain airbags;
• vehicle stability control (VAC);
• hill-climb assist control (HAC); and
• downhill assist control (DAC).

I mean talk about TLC, right? Yes, loads of Tender Loving Care like no other. :)

And most of all, you can count on this compact SUV whether you're city
driving or out for an adventure on the rough road. You can be sure it
packs a great deal of strength and power you can rely on!

• Engine: 2.5 liter dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-i)
• Maximum Power: 180 hp @ 6,000 rpm
• Maximum Torque: 233 NM of torque
• Transmission: 6-speed A/T

Now, I'm no Ulysses Ang ( or any of the good guys from

We're definitely meant to be!

For more info, visit Toyota's WEBSITE
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