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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bring the Salon at Home with Beauty Concierge

Today on the blog, I am sharing with you a whole new pampering experience that feels very close to home. *wink wink* 

Are you like me who loves to get pampered but doesn’t necessarily like going out and about for it? I recently discovered BEAUTY CONCIERGE that allows you to get the pampering and beauty services you need right at the comfort of your home! 

For my first session, I tried out the Keratin Lashlift and Acrylic Nail Extensions. I had actually been wanting to try both these services for awhile now but never really found the time (or the energy) to get myself out of the house and head to a salon. Their staff arrived promptly at 12 noon as scheduled and by then, I was beginning my afternoon of pampering! 

Not only is their staff professional and efficient in getting the job done, they also offer a wide range of services that you can have without ever stepping out of the house! From a simple mani pedi to more complicated procedures like lash lifts and spa treatments. 

Check out these photos and see for yourself! 


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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Surprising Marinduque: The Must-See Places in this Underrated Province

Earlier this month, I had the most wonderful experience of visiting the beautiful Marinduque for the first time - thanks to the invitation of CEBU PACIFIC, which recently inaugurated a thrice weekly service between Manila and the island province.
Prior to this trip, I knew very little about Marinduque, other than it is the staging ground for the yearly Moriones Festival, and that it is the MA in MIMAROPA, one of the two regions in Southern Tagalog to which it belongs. 

Few people in my circle knew more than I did if at all, so I thought I'd do a little research on the Internet just to have an idea what to expect on the trip, and what I found certainly had me merrily stuffing my carry-on bag with my best swimsuits. It got me so excited I barely slept the night before the trip.

Thankfully, Cebu Pacific flies to Marinduque bright and early at 6 a.m.- the better to maximize our three-day stay in this beautiful island. By 7 a.m., we were disembarking the plane to a warm welcome by local tourism officials! 

We kicked off our tour of Marinduque at the ST. JOSEPH CHURCH in Gasan! This church is not only architecturally beautiful but it also offers a fantastic view of the sea and town. 
Next, we went to the MARL INSECT and BUTTERFLY FARM where we were able to see the different stages a butterfly goes through (from caterpillars to pupa to fully grown adult butterflies). Butterflies are abundant in Marinduque, so much so that it is known as the Butterfly Capital of the Philippines. More than three-fourths of the butterfly breeders nationwide are based here. Definitely a mesmerizing site to see so many of these gorgeous creatures in one farm! 

Another beautiful site to explore in Marinduque are the many SUNFLOWER FARMS found in the province! Sunflowers are definitely one of the most beautiful flowers and here in Marinduque, you’ll be amazed at how tall and large they are! Definitely a photo-worthy site!

We then made a quick stop at the SULPHUR SPRINGS, which is a popular destination among locals and tourists. People from all over the world visit these springs because it is said to have healing properties particularly for different types of skin ailments like eczema and rashes. 

We ended our first day tour at the POCTOY WHITE BEACH, the first of our many beach stops during this trip. It is the only white sand beach in the province’s mainland and it offers a breathtaking view of Mt. Malindig!

On our second day in Marinduque, while the more adventurous and braver (hehe) half of us went on the Bagumbungan Cave Adventure, the rest of the group and I spent our morning at HAKUPAN ISLAND. This beautiful island has a gorgeous white sand beach and is surrounded by clear blue waters and a mountain view to boot. It even has a sand strip that stretches out to sea! I love the place, because unlike the more popular beaches in the country, it is serene and idyllic, definitely a place where you can relax and de-stress and rejuvenate!

After lunch, we took a boat ride to another island where we spent the rest of the day and stayed overnight. MANIWAYA ISLAND is an emerging destination noted for its white sand and water sports activities. There are also several accommodations to choose from and sari-sari (convenience) stores available on the island should you decide to book a stay here. You’ll definitely get that island life experience you’ve been craving for!

The next day, we got up bright and early for a quick island-hopping tour. Our first stop was the PALAD SAND BAR. Unfortunately, we arrived here during high tide so we missed out on a great photo opportunity, but it was a good thing that the water was only about knee-high and still very much walkable! What an experience it was standing in the middle of the ocean seeing nothing but water!

Our next stop was at MOMPONG ISLAND to see the iconic Ungab Rock Formation! Most of my favorite photos during this trip were shot here and if you’ll look at the photos below, I’m sure you will understand why!

We then headed back to Boac, the municipal capitals of Marinduque, to see more of the interesting tourist spots it has to offer. Our tour that afternoon started at the BOAC CATHEDRAL, the oldest structure in the whole of Marinduque. It was first built by Spanish missionaries in the late 1700s and rebuilt several times. The current structure was completed in the 1950s and is said to be earthquake proof.  It houses the miraculous image of our Lady of Biglang Awa (Instant Mercy). 
Photo by Ruth Dela Cruz

We also explored several HERITAGE HOUSES in the city that remind me so much of Vigan in Ilocos Sur! These houses have been home to generations and generations of different families and still stand as a popular local destination. 
Photo by Ruth Dela Cruz
We ended our day by catching the sunset at LUZON DATUM. Known as the geodetic center of the Philippines, its viewing deck has a fantastic 360-degree view of the sea, the different islands that dot it and a stunning sunset view! Definitely the perfect end to our Marinduque adventure! 

I must say, Marinduque took me by surprise - in the most pleasant way possible! I had no idea that there were so many places to explore and things to do in this underrated island province! Definitely would love to come back and explore this paradise some more! 
Thanks to CEBU PACIFIC, it is now possible to travel to Marinduque three times a week! You can book your next vacation here at

For more details, follow CEBU PACIFIC on:


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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Birthday Getaway to Casa Belinda, Mt. Malarayat Golf & Country Club

Every year, I make it a point to celebrate my birthday with my family, and for the past several years we've been able to work around our schedules and take trips abroad. For this year's celebration, however, we had to stay closer to home. And we found just the perfect place less than two hours out of Manila.

Casa Belinda is a beautiful property where you can quickly escape with your family or friends and relax, unwind and just have a peaceful time. It's like having your very own personal enclave that you can run to if you want to toss your stresses out the window and recharge.

This bed and breakfast place has a huge pool, a vegetable farm, and bird sanctuary at the foot of Mount Malarayat in Lipa, Batangas. They also have a gaming lounge where you can play billiards, darts and karaoke which my family enjoyed a lot of!

As dog lovers, another thing my family and I loved about this place is that our fur babies were welcome too as Casa Belinda is pet-friendly as well! Pumpkin had a blast exploring the property and he even went on a quick swim while Tofu lazed around under one of the gazebos near the pool area. It was truly a treat having the two fur babies celebrate my birthday with me!

If you're looking for a quick getaway with your family or friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then be sure to check out Casa Belinda!

Check out MY BIRTHDAY VLOG for more about this trip:

For more about CASA BELINDA, visit their:

Accommodations at Casa Belinda include: 
One Cottage with its own kitchen and living area for up to 6 pax 
Two Deluxe Suites for up to 6 pax 
Two Veranda Rooms for 2-3 pax
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