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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Gastronomic Experience at The Cooking Room

Earlier this month, I had the gastronomic pleasure of sampling the menu items of one of Maginhawa Street’s newest restaurants, THE COOKINGROOM!

According to their social media pages, at The Cooking Room, you can be your own chef and prepare and cook your own feast right at your table! And that’s exactly what I did when I visited their restaurant!

I feasted on different kinds of sausages, I was able to customize my own Mongolian bowl, and I got to try their hotpot and grill too! WHAT A TREAT.

I really loved how tasty all their different marinades were for their meat plus they have a wide variety of flavors for you to choose from to satisfy your palette. All the fresh ingredients you can think of for your hotpot and Mongolian bowls are available for you to choose from which allows you to really customize your meal.

The Cooking Room also offers a lot of promos monthly so you can truly personalize and satisfy whatever you’re craving for at their restaurant!

Here are their current promos (Updated November 17, 2018):
PHP 349/head: Unlimited Hotpot & Grill with Bottomless Iced Tea
PHP488/head: Unlimited Hotpot & Grill + DIY Mongolian Bowls
PHP499/head: Unlimited Hotpot & Grill + Sausages

 "UNLIMITED" is a catchword that attracts Pinoy diners like bees to honey! Key in "AFFORDABLE"  then "Let's go! Now na!"
But, hey the food here is actually YUMMY and FLAVORFUL! 
So, if you ask me, this one's a true WINNER!
Next time you’re in the area or find yourself wondering where to go for a sumptuous lunch or dinner with family and friends, go check out THE COOKING ROOM!

They are found at Klircon Plaza, #192 Maginhawa St., Quezon City (Above Shopwise)
You may call and book a table at (02) 703-3344


What would you like to try at The Cooking Room? 

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Monday, October 29, 2018

That 70's Style!

Today on the blog, I am wearing this 70's inspired look from FOREVER 21 and UNAROSA.

One of my favorite tv shows as a teenager was That 70's Show because of the humor, characters, and overall story-line. But as a kid, I couldn't help but notice the outfits in the show too (especially Jackie's) and I just immediately fell in love with the style! Fast-forward to 2018, the 70's style that I loved seeing on TV is making a comeback in today's trends!

Say goodbye to skinny or boyfriend jeans because bell-bottom jeans are the in thing now! I really love this pair that I got from PROMOD because it's just the perfect staple for this season. It also goes really well with this one-shoulder top from UNAROSA and my new hat from FOREVER 21 which gives this look a very cool yet vintage vibe.

I'm definitely excited to experiment more with the 70's style for this season and I'm pretty sure that you guys will be seeing a lot more of these pieces in my ootds!

Outfit details:
Watch, DANIEL WELLINGTON (get 15% off: nicoledw18)

What do you think of this edgy, 70s-inspired look? 

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Road to Silky, Frizz-Free Hair with Kami Salon

As some of you may know, one of my biggest struggles and insecurities is usually my hair. For as long as I could remember, I’ve always struggled with dry and frizzy hair. I’ve tried multiple solutions such as rebonding and using irons. But, for a few years now, my go-to solutions that was proven the most effective in solving all of my hair issues while keeping my hair healthy was KERATIN TREATMENT. On a recent trip to my new favorite salon, KAMI STUDIO SALON, I had my much needed Keratin treatment right before my trip to Taiwan. 3 months later, my hair has managed to stay silky, glossy, and frizz-free! What I loved most about this salon is how accommodating and efficient all their employees were. While working on my hair, they gave a mask as protection from the fumes of the Keratin product and they also offered me refreshments and magazines to keep me occupied for the whole three-hour process. They also gave me many useful and practical tips I could use to help keep the effects of the treatment as long-lasting as possible. The best part? It’s super near my home since the salon is located just at the Katipunan area so you will definitely be seeing a lot of me there!

Second Level, Petron La Vista,

 Katipunan Ave, Quezon City


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