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Monday, December 4, 2017

Destination: The Bellevue Resort Bohol

Perhaps one of my favorite hotel chains in the Philippines is the Bellevue chain. I've had several opportunities to stay in their hotels either as an invited guest or on my own accord with friends or family, and I've always felt completely rested and rejuvenated every single time.

From their well-appointed rooms to top-notch facilities, you know you're getting five-star accommodations and a lot of value for money.
One thing that sets my every BELLEVUE experience apart from the others, is the warmth and hospitality from the moment you step into the hotel and all through out your stay. I love the simple little things that make you feel special like a bag of treats waiting for you when you enter your room. (The ensaymada from the Bellevue Hotel Pastry Corner is TDF!) The staff are always eager to assist you or just to let you know they are happy that you came to visit.

And the food --oh, the food! Where do I begin? The food at Bellevue hotels is in a word: YUMMAZING! The food selection is well-curated and always so tasty and flavorful. The servings are just right, you definitely get high value for money.

Given all these plus a long stretch of fine white sand along the famed Panglao beach, and you can pretty much say that Bellevue Hotel and Resort in Bohol is by itself a tourist destination.
And that's why on my last visit to this beautiful island province down south, I decided not to venture out on our third day at the hotel and just spend one full day just enjoying the beach and lounging around the pool and savoring the blissful rest I got from the soft and fluffy king-sized bed that came with my suite.

And like I said earlier, a stay at any BELLEVUE HOTEL would not be complete without trying out their gastronomic delights.

At the Bellevue Bohol, a breakfast buffet is laid out daily at the LAMIAN WORLD CUISINE with pretty much every imaginable breakfast fare one would fancy. They have a wide selection of fresh-from-the-oven breads and pastries, crispy bacon and sausages, cereals, and local favorites like tapa, longganisa, and daing. It's the place to be early mornings to jumpstart your day.

After a day out in the beach or touring around the beautiful island, you'd surely work up an appetite. Thankfully, you needn't venture out of the hotel. MAREA AL FRESCO restaurant serves a delectable array of local and international cuisine to satiate every craving. My personal favorite? I seriously love, love, love their pork sisig, which we had every single night for our entire four-day stay at the hotel along with a variety of other scrumptious dishes like pork humba, balbakuan, and fresh seafood delicacies.

I also loved spending afternoons at the FLUJO BAR just ordering a cocktail or two, or just grabbing a refreshing fruit shake. I think I must have ordered about a hundred and one of their watermelon shake - my fave! The barista also whipped me up a delicious glass of iced coffee which I thoroughly enjoyed!

We also stayed at the BELLEVUE RESORT's one-bedroom suite which had the most amazing view of their beachfront! Four days in paradise is definitely an understatement.

We had initially planned to spend half of my last full day in Bohol just enjoying BELLEVUE and the other half going island hopping. But we had so much fun just hanging by the pool and the beachfront that time just flew right by and the sun was setting before we knew it. No regrets though! We had the best time at the Bellevue.

If I'm not by the pool or at the beachfront, I love to just relax in my suite taking a nap, curled up with my favorite book, or enjoying the magnificent view of the beach right from my balcony at my amazing suite!

I truly had the best time during my last visit in Bohol, and I must say the hotel takes much of the credit for this. If I do get a chance to visit Bohol for a third time, I know I'd still choose to stay at the BELLEVUE RESORT, that's for sure!

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Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island,
Bohol, 6340, Philippines

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Trip to Bohol: Fly The Way You Deserve with Philippine Airlines

Recently, I had the most pleasant opportunity to fly to Bohol on a hastily arranged four-day R&R. The thing with unplanned trips is that they more often than not push through and usually end up the most fun of all the trips you ever had. The downside is that getting things organized at the last minute usually causes a considerable amount of stress. Thankfully, if you're lucky enough, you get to fly with a "friendly" carrier like PHILIPPINE AIRLINES like I did so even if I was traveling on the busy long weekend from October 28 to November 2, they managed to squeeze me and Nicco in on the flights that we wanted. And since I only had a day before our flight to get tour tickets, I was stressing over whether I had enough time to do some last-minute shopping and run important errands. Well, it was all needless worrying as it turned out because all it took was less than 10 minutes and I was out of the Ali Mall Ticket Office with our tickets safely in my purse. Now, here's the thing - getting my tickets in a jiffy left me with more than enough time on my hands to shop, and as I would do during such situations, I over-shopped! So much so that the next thing on my mind when I got home was whether all my new stuff would fit into my luggage or whether I would need to pay overweight charges! Talk about #FashionBloggerTravelingProblems! Oh, but remember when I said earlier that traveling with a "friendly" airline is your best bet when you're traveling under duress? I wasn't kidding, because if you still don't know, PAL gives you 20 kilos free baggage allowance!

We chose the 2 pm flight to avoid the early morning traffic on EDSA coming as we do all the way from the north of the Metro. And we made the right choice because the next day, we got to the airport just when the counter opened to check in and had enough time to grab some coffee and a quick snack before it was time to board for the short one hour fifteen minute flight to Tagbilaran, the capital city of Bohol.

Needless to say, it was a swift and comfortable flight on the way to Bohol with the friendly flight attendants at our service! I also really loved the complimentary chocolate cake slice and coffee they served during the flight.

I've been to Bohol before, but it was a brief two-day trip that allowed us very little time to really explore and enjoy the beautiful sights for which it is known. One of the best things about this trip was not only did we have twol full days to visit Bohol's famous spots, we were also staying at the beautiful Bellevue Bohol, the most luxurious hotel and resort in the entire island. But more on that on a separate blog post!

We decided we'd make the rounds of Bohol's most famous attractions and our first stop was the TARSIER SANCTUARY.
Being the huge animal lover that I am, I was extremely excited to meet these little furry guys! I honestly couldn't believe at first how tiny they were! They were even smaller than my hand! As cute as they look, be cautious when visiting them because these little guys are easily stressed out. Being nocturnal, they don't take too well at the human intrusion during their bedtime. So make sure to observe silence and avoid a lot of movement when going around the sanctuary.

Imagine this. Cruising the river while enjoying a lunch buffet and a drink or two as you take in the lush greenery. The Loboc River Cruise is definitely a must when visiting Bohol!

More than a thousand quaint-looking hills that are green during the rainy season but turn brown in the summer.- the chocolate hills are the best known tourist destination in Bohol- and now I can see why! I can honestly say that going up more than 200 steps of stairs to reach the viewing deck even under the scorching heat of the early afternoon sun was worth it. The view is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking you'll ever see.

For our last stop in our Bohol tour, we went to the Bilar mandmade forest which is made up of a long and wide stretch of majestic mahogany trees! It was the perfect place for me to take some ootd photos!

Needless to say, it was a full day of sightseeing that left us exhausted but happy to have gotten to know a bit more about Bohol on this visit.The next day was spent enjoying Bellevue Hotel and Resort. I'll save the details about that for another blog. In the meantime, the next time I'm in this beautiful island, I promise to go off the beaten track and visit the lesser known but equally enticing attractions. Thank you PHILIPPINE AIRLINES for taking me to and from this short but magical journey.



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