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Friday, July 20, 2018

Make It Tacloban, Make It AirAsia #AirAsiaInTacloban

Today on the blog, I’ll be sharing with you guys my fun weekend in Tacloban courtesy of
 AIRASIA and the DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM (Eastern Visayas)

When I think of Tacloban, like many others who haven’t been to this city, I usually associate it with the devastating events of typhoon Yolanda that destroyed 90% of the city. So admittedly, at first, I was quite skeptical of the kind of weekend I would be having in Tacloban. I wasn’t even sure if there were any interesting places to see or fun activities to do there. But after the weekend I had, I must say that I was definitely proven wrong! Not only was there no sign of the devastation that happened 5 years ago but Tacloban definitely offers a lot of exciting activities to do and awesome places to explore! 

Thanks to our gracious airline host, AIRASIA, we got to Tacloban in less than an hour. They have available flights from Ninoy Aquino International Airport 5x daily and from Clark International Airport 4x a week so visiting Tacloban is very easy! From the moment the plane landed in Tacloban, it was off to our first fun activity! 

First on our agenda was the SANGYAW FESTIVAL

The Sangyaw Festival is a popular religious and native festival that is held on June 29 of every year. The locals celebrate with a parade of colorful costumes, big vibrant floats, and mini street performances that go on all day! 

I was lucky enough to be able to hop on the AirAsia float and see the festivities from a good spot! 

With my blogger friends who I was lucky enough to be with on this trip (from left to right): Seph Cham, Trice Nagusara, & Aisa Ipac

At night, it was off to DREAMLAND, an EDM party to cap off the day! Yes, the people of Tacloban definitely know how to party!!! 

After a good night’s rest at the ORIENTAL LEYTE, we were off to another full day of exploring this underrated city. 

Our first activity for the day was the TORPEDO BOAT ADVENTURE at the longest river of Samar, Ulot! After sporting life-vests and helmets, we were off to ride the waters of Ulot! For the activity, I decided to just wear a one-piece swimsuit, shorts, and flip flops since the ride was expected to be pretty intense. Our initial fear and apprehension, however, were quickly replaced by fun and excitement as the ride was actually enjoyable, and a unique way of taking in Tacloban's lush scenery as we were greeted by rows and rows of trees along the banks of Ulot with a beautiful mountain view in the background. It's definitely a must-try activity for anyone visiting Tacloban for the first time.

We then got off at Deni’s Point, the part of Ulot that gets pretty crazy! My blogger friends jumped off the rocks to do a “mini cliff dive” and it was so cute to see them ride the current of the river! I personally ended up taking lots of outfit photos (as seen below) instead since I was too chicken to try it and I don’t know how to swim! Haha! 

After an exhilarating water adventure, it was time for lunch at San Juan By The Bay (Floating Restaurant and Boardwalk)! This place not only serves delicious food but it also offers beautiful backdrops for photos! So again, I took it as an opportunity to take more outfit shots! Hehe #doitforthegram


The next day, we had to check out of our hotel early because we had a 1pm flight to catch but good thing, we had room for one more activity! The SAN JUANICO BANCA CRUISE BY AQUA MOMENTUM

This cruise offers a completely different way to see and experience the majestic San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines! We cruised on a boat and got to see the bridge up close from a great view! It was of course another perfect opportunity for photo-taking! 

After the cruise and before heading to our flight, we feasted on a delicious boodle lunch! 
Thank you for the experience, Aqua Momentum!


I must say, I definitely underestimated Tacloban! It really is amazing to think that just 5 years ago, this city was completely wiped out by typhoon Yolanda and yet, the local government and it’s people have managed to rebuild and restore this proud city’s beauty and vibrance! I truly had such a wonderful weekend in Tacloban! There are still so many places I haven’t seen so I’m really hoping to explore this city soon again! 

Thank you so much to AIRASIA and our gracious hosts from the DEPARTMENT OFTOURISM (Eastern Visayas) specifically Ate Aileen Dreyfus and Sir Bing Lumbre for the awesome and fun experience!

For more about MY FIRST TIME IN TACLOBAN, check out my TRAVEL VLOG:



*AirAsia flies to Tacloban from Ninoy Aquino International Airport 5x daily and from Clark International Airport 4x a week

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Laidback in Stormy Manila wearing PUMA

Today on the blog, I am featuring my new suede platform sneakers from PUMA

 Summer has officially ended here in Manila! Time to bring out those sweaters and comfy getups to make navigating the city under inclement conditions a breeze. But even if you need to prioritize comfort during this season, you don’t need to compromise your style at all! 

 What I love about these sneakers from PUMA is that they’re crazy comfortable because of it’s “softfoam comfort” sockliner that provides soft cushioning every step of your day. The classic black suede upper and gold detailing makes this pair super stylish and cool! 

Use a bright attention-getter top to brighten up your look just like this bright green jumper, which I paired with my favorite black leggings and you have the perfect laidback look that's still as stylish as can be - better to shine even in this cold, wet Metro Manila weather!

Outfit details:
Sneakers, PUMA
Jumper, H&M
Sunglasses, ZALORA

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Life of the Party in Sky Castle Co.

Today on the blog, I am featuring this look from SKY CASTLE Co. What I love about this home-grown brand is that their pieces always exude femininity, sexiness, and sophistication while staying on trend- and that’s exactly the look I tried to go for this outfit! I just love the ruffle detailing found both in the top and skirt which is a big trend in the fashion industry at the moment. The high slit of the skirt is sexy yet sophisticated when paired with this elegant cropped top. To finish of the look, I put on my new favorite sandals from TABZ TOE. With this look, you’ll be sure to be the life of the party!

Top and skirt, SKY CASTLE CO. 
Sandals, TABZ TOE

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