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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

5 Reasons I Love Microtel Inn & Suites in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Today on the blog, I am concluding a series of posts about my last trip to Palawan. And what better way to cap the series than share with you all about my delightful stay at the MICROTEL INN & SUITES in Puerto Princesa. Yes, it's true. You need not venture very far from the capital city to enjoy a restful day at the beach. In fact, Microtel is just 3.2 kilometers from the airport or a mere 15 minute car ride. Indeed, it's a good choice when you're in town for business but want to grab some much-needed rest and relaxation in between meetings.

Here's five reasons I'd choose Microtel!

1. It's one of the few hotels in Puerto Princesa that has it's on beachfront!

While Puerto Princesa is a popular tourist destination known for it's stunning beaches, not a lot of hotels in the island have their own beachfront. While Microtel does have a wide picturesque beachfront, you do have to catch it during the high tide which is usually in the morning. Come the afternoon, the water will be a few meters away from the hotel during low tide.

2. Their vibrant interiors and the overall artsy vibe of the hotel provide for cool backdrops for your Instagram photos!

My blogger friends and I could not stop taking photos around the hotel! In fact, we would all wake up extra early everyday during our 4-day stay just to take tons of photos! Check out some of my favorites below:

3. Their staff are friendly and very accommodating

The staff was very swift in accommodating my little requests and they also shared some tips and advice in exploring Puerto Princesa!

4. Their rates are very affordable

Considering that MICROTEL offers air conditioned and fully-equipt rooms and suites, a full-sized pool, their own beachfront, and free shuttle service, their rates are really affordable!

See their full list of rates here:

5. They're near a lot of favorite tourists spots in Puerto Princesa

Since we were only in Puerto Princesa for 4 full days, we wanted to explore as many popular tourist spots on the island so it was perfect that MICROTEL PALAWAN is located near a lot of these places such as Emerald Playa Pavillion, Honda Bay, and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park-a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Next time, you're in Puerto Princesa, check out Microtel Inn and Suites. It's perfect for those who want the best of two worlds - a secluded beach atmosphere and quick jaunts to downtown malls and restaurants.



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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Exploring Puerto Princesa, Palawan with AirAsia

Who says going to the beach is best done only during the summer?

In tropical Philippines, it's quite possible (and certainly more affordable) to explore its beautiful beaches in the off season (just make sure you make a quick check with the weather bureau to make sure no typhoons are headed to your destination) and you can actually have the best time minus a maddening crowd of fellow tourists.

Just last month, I along with a group of bloggers. had the most pleasant opportunity to do so on a visit to Puerto Princesa via AIRASIA.

The trip organizer, travel blogger extraordinaire, Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog planned a full itinerary for this four-day-three-night trip so naturally we wanted to maximize our time in this beautiful place. Thankfully, AirAsia's flight schedules allow us to fly really warly on the first day and leave on a late night flight on our last day so there's no time wasted at all!
It was a no hassle trip for this blogger group as AirAsia allows the option of online checkin as early as 14 days prior to your flight, or you can do it via any of the easy-to-follow self check-in counters found in the terminal. Then it's off to the bag drop-off counter for you. Easy, breezy, right? For this trip, however, we opted to check in the traditional way, which was no trouble at all as it was fast and efficient and we were at the pre-departure lounge in no time at all just waiting to board.

The flight itself was smooth and uneventful and took just a little over an hour. That gave me the chance to take a little nap before we landed in Puerto Princesa, so I felt really energized to start our exciting adventure, which included trips to these places:




As the pictures show, we had the most amazing time exploring Puerto Princesa and it's beautiful sights! 

Thanks to AIRASIA, not just flying us in and out of Palawan, but for making it possible for Filipinos to trabel around the country and the world because of their budget-friendly fares!



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Monday, December 4, 2017

Destination: The Bellevue Resort Bohol

Perhaps one of my favorite hotel chains in the Philippines is the Bellevue chain. I've had several opportunities to stay in their hotels either as an invited guest or on my own accord with friends or family, and I've always felt completely rested and rejuvenated every single time.

From their well-appointed rooms to top-notch facilities, you know you're getting five-star accommodations and a lot of value for money.
One thing that sets my every BELLEVUE experience apart from the others, is the warmth and hospitality from the moment you step into the hotel and all through out your stay. I love the simple little things that make you feel special like a bag of treats waiting for you when you enter your room. (The ensaymada from the Bellevue Hotel Pastry Corner is TDF!) The staff are always eager to assist you or just to let you know they are happy that you came to visit.

And the food --oh, the food! Where do I begin? The food at Bellevue hotels is in a word: YUMMAZING! The food selection is well-curated and always so tasty and flavorful. The servings are just right, you definitely get high value for money.

Given all these plus a long stretch of fine white sand along the famed Panglao beach, and you can pretty much say that Bellevue Hotel and Resort in Bohol is by itself a tourist destination.
And that's why on my last visit to this beautiful island province down south, I decided not to venture out on our third day at the hotel and just spend one full day just enjoying the beach and lounging around the pool and savoring the blissful rest I got from the soft and fluffy king-sized bed that came with my suite.

And like I said earlier, a stay at any BELLEVUE HOTEL would not be complete without trying out their gastronomic delights.

At the Bellevue Bohol, a breakfast buffet is laid out daily at the LAMIAN WORLD CUISINE with pretty much every imaginable breakfast fare one would fancy. They have a wide selection of fresh-from-the-oven breads and pastries, crispy bacon and sausages, cereals, and local favorites like tapa, longganisa, and daing. It's the place to be early mornings to jumpstart your day.

After a day out in the beach or touring around the beautiful island, you'd surely work up an appetite. Thankfully, you needn't venture out of the hotel. MAREA AL FRESCO restaurant serves a delectable array of local and international cuisine to satiate every craving. My personal favorite? I seriously love, love, love their pork sisig, which we had every single night for our entire four-day stay at the hotel along with a variety of other scrumptious dishes like pork humba, balbakuan, and fresh seafood delicacies.

I also loved spending afternoons at the FLUJO BAR just ordering a cocktail or two, or just grabbing a refreshing fruit shake. I think I must have ordered about a hundred and one of their watermelon shake - my fave! The barista also whipped me up a delicious glass of iced coffee which I thoroughly enjoyed!

We also stayed at the BELLEVUE RESORT's one-bedroom suite which had the most amazing view of their beachfront! Four days in paradise is definitely an understatement.

We had initially planned to spend half of my last full day in Bohol just enjoying BELLEVUE and the other half going island hopping. But we had so much fun just hanging by the pool and the beachfront that time just flew right by and the sun was setting before we knew it. No regrets though! We had the best time at the Bellevue.

If I'm not by the pool or at the beachfront, I love to just relax in my suite taking a nap, curled up with my favorite book, or enjoying the magnificent view of the beach right from my balcony at my amazing suite!

I truly had the best time during my last visit in Bohol, and I must say the hotel takes much of the credit for this. If I do get a chance to visit Bohol for a third time, I know I'd still choose to stay at the BELLEVUE RESORT, that's for sure!

For more info, visit Bellevue Bohol's website:

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Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island,
Bohol, 6340, Philippines

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