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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Girl About Town for a #HealthierPH

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger for a little over a year now, I'm humbled by the little strides I've made, and extremely overwhelmed and grateful for the love, support, and attention I've been getting from friends, readers, and business partners. It has inspired me not just to work harder and be better at what I do, but also think of ways to somehow pay it all forward.

I've always felt that whatever tiny success I'm experiencing is hollow unless I can be a medium for positive change and somehow make my own little humble contribution in making life just a tad bit better for people needing the love, care, and inspiration! My small informal team of three (read: my photog/bf and adviser/mom) have time and again discussed possible projects that can help particularly those who've never read my blog (and probably never will) let alone seen or held a computer or phone or any internet device. We've managed to go as far as brainstorming but endless events, deadlines, and commitments have not allowed us to move further.

So it was indeed a happy, if fortuitous, turn of events when I got an invite to Unilab Foundation's Digital Media Night at Sentro 1771 where over a sumptuous dinner their officials announced to a select group of bloggers and social media influencers the launching of the #healthierPH Volunteer Portal.

Since most everyone who have the means to volunteer or make a difference are on the Internet nearly 24/7, Unilab Foundation, figured what better way to encourage volunteerism than by creating a digital platform to make it possible for people to "contribute in building a healthier nation wherever they are, whatever their circumstance."

With the Portal, volunteer work does not always have to involve doing physical work, or being physically present, or making financial contributions. It can be all that, but it can also be as simple as sharing a picture, spreading the word about a worthy cause, or clicking the like button.

There's a volunteer opportunity for everyone whatever age, gender, occupation, or status. Whether you are a gamer (Yes, volunteer by playing a game!), artist, student, photographer, writer, housewife, mother, or someone who just likes to take selfies, there's something you can do to help create a #healthierPH! 

Go check it out now! Register at and do your share in building a healthier Philippines! You'll see it does not take much to make a difference!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

What's Your Shoppernality?

Do you love shopping at Robinsons Specialty Stores? I know I do!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

If you frequent Robinsons Specialty Stores like I do and you're a MasterCard holder here in the Philippines, then here's a promo I'm sure you'd like to be a part of!

Robinson's Specialty Stores Inc.'s "What's Your Shoppernality?" Raffle Promo gives you a chance to win one of 30 Limited Edition Vespa Scooters by simply using your Mastercard when shopping at any RSSI store. 

Plus! Winner also gets a P20,000 shopping spree!!!

Here is a list of RSSI brands:

Click HERE to check out the promo mechanics! 

I like the Warehouse and Shisheido Vespas! Which one do you like? 

No time to wait! Shop, charge (to your MasterCard!) and get a chance to win these awesome prizes!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Patterns in Black and White

Today on the blog I'm featuring this monochromatic mix pattern outfit from River Island. I've always loved the challenge of mixing and matching items, and feel a little thrill and sense of satisfaction when they work well together.

For some inexplicable reason, I've also developed a particular fancy for the houndstooth print and feel an irresistable urge to buy anything and evertything I find with that print. So, when I saw this pair of pants during the bloggers preview of the new River Island branch at the Mega Fashion Hall, I instantly fell in love with it and made a mental note to come back for it! 

I thought it would look great with the striped off the shoulder shirt I got from RI during the preview. And it does, doesn't it? Especially with this cute black purse from the same store and simple black and gold accessories to round up the look, I'm all set for a casual work day ahead!

Outfit details: 
Top, pants, bag, RIVRIVER ISLAND
Necklace and cuff, TORY BURCH

What do you think of this outfit?

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Special thanks to:
Sheila Abesamis-Recasata M.D.


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