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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Night Of Firsts

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but have been putting it off for the longest time. Yesterday’s special occasion and the special places and gifts that went along with it were just too perfect to pass up on. Thus, the birth of GirlAboutTown.

Nicco (my boyfriend) surprised me my by taking me to dinner at Mamou restaurant in Rockwell. I remember mentioning this restaurant to him about a month ago because I’ve seen mouth-watering pictures of their food on instagram. We both made a mental note to celebrate the next special occasion there.

And so, Mamou it was for our first anniversary as a couple. I actually couldn't believe that Nicco remembered! If you’re a couple looking for a quiet romantic ambiance, it isn’t the place to go with its bright lighting, no frills interior and far-from-perfect acoustics so that when it gets packed by around 7 pm, you can hardly hear each other across the table.

But being the steak and pasta lovers that we are, Mamou was pretty much a perfect pick for us.

Nicco had made reservations the day before for a table for two in the first seating, which starts at 6 pm. They weren’t really strict about getting there on time since we got there a little past 6:30 pm. However, Nicco said that when he called, they had advised him to try his best to be on time since the first seating ended at 8:20 pm to give way to the second seating which was from 8:30 to closing time.

The food was actually almost as perfect as I imagined it to be! 

 We ordered the 600-gram Dry-Aged USDA Prime Grade Bone-in Ribeye Steak priced at for P2980 , which was just the right size for us to share since we were ordering pasta as well. (The bigger 800-grammer was priced at P3650.) Our steak came with a choice of two side dishes. I got mashed potatoes, which was very creamy and yummy, while Nicco got the red steak rice, which he said went really well with the steak. I found the steak very flavorful but my only complaint was that parts of it was chewy and had a bit too much oil.

Since I had heard good things about the Lorenzo's Truffle Cream Pasta, we ordered that as well.  And for the price of P370, it definitely did not disappoint. Nicco and I totally loved it! When the waiter served us the pasta, it looked quite pale and dry but when we had our first bite, we were overwhelmed by its creaminess and tastiness! It was really great and it made us even curious about the other pastas in the menu.

After eating, we had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Mamou (who were coincidentally seated at the table next to ours). They must have overheard us talking about having some wine after dinner so they asked the waiter to give us two complimentary glasses of Spanish White Wine, which they said was their favorite out of the selection they had in the restaurant. It was dry and sweet which was how we wanted it.  It was the perfect way to cap an amazing gastronomic experience at Mamou.

Nicco and I are wine-drinkers and one of our favorite places to go enjoy a bottle is Barcino’s. We usually go to the branch in City Golf along Julia Vargas but since there was one in Rockwell too just two doors away from Mamou, we decided to go there instead after dinner.

We’ve always loved Barcino’s since for us, it always felt like such a cozy place where we could have quiet conversations and they offer such a wide selection of wine! We had a bottle of Altozano white and decided to go back to his place to open our anniversary presents for each other.

He gave me a beautiful silver necklace with a heart and lock pendant from Tiffany & Co, which I love so much!!! <3 Their store in Rustan's, Shangri-la Plaza offers engraving which we plan to avail of soon.

My gift to him is a portrait of the two of us by a very talented young artist who is a friend of ours. It's still a work in progress though. I shall unveil it in a future blog post. Here is a photo of Nicco holding the still wrapped unfinished portrait. 

It was a night of firsts indeed - our first anniversary and first Mamou experience inspiring my first ever blog post. 

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