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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Best You Can Be

This couple of weeks were quite an eventful one for Girl About Town. I was literally all over town hopping from onevent to the next but who's complaining? Not me that's for sure! 
I like being busy and being on the go and I love that being a fashion and lifestyle blogger has given me the opportunity to visit exciting places, meet interesting people and build friendships along the way, and, most of all, learn new things that help me become a better person inside and out!

Last Monday, I was delighted to have been invited to the bloggers launch of naFlora Feminine Wash that came with a pampering session over at Posh Nails in Venice Piazza McKinley Hill. 

So, what more did I need to know about feminine hygiene that I didn't already know, you might ask? 

Well, a lot apparently! For example, one feminine wash does NOT fit all. Our needs change as we get older and go through the different life stages, so what used to work for you years ago, may no longer be as effective today. Thankfully, there's a naFlora variant for different age groups: there's Protect for teeners and women of reproductive age especially during those days of the month when we feel most vulnerable; Restore for women who just gave birth or those undergoing treatment for infection, and moisture for maturwomen in menopause. 
I use Protect and I love that it gives me the confidence of knowing I get all the protection I need to get through a hectic day!

To learn more about naFlora, contact them: or

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  1. What a pleasure time for you =). Need some relax too those days..
    Have a sweet day,
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  2. Cool post!! I completely agree, I love being busy as well :) Ahh the perks of blogging!

  3. You are bless beautiful to be able to be part of awesome event and learn new things to share with us. This product sound amazing and is so true what you stated we all go through changes and my mom always said what work for you now might not work in the future never forget that I guess mom knows best, I will not mind getting a hold of these products.

  4. Looks like you had fun :)

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  5. Looks like you had a fun Beauty day <3

  6. great photos


  7. Cool post! Beautiful pics!!! And how cute place is this!

  8. Oh this looks gorgeous there is nothing better than some pampering xx

  9. Great words and post, baby!!

  10. Looks like a fun event with wonderful pampering for the nails! Have the urge to go for a pedicure now!


  11. yay for pampering and relaxation!! awesome! :D

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