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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lips in Revlon Ultra HD

Few things make a girl worth her Kikay Kit (Vanity Kit) happier than make up, make up, and more make up! They're part and parcel of a fashionista's total look, and the kind of make up you wear can actually make or break an outfit. Call me superficial, call me vain, call me what you want but don't take away my mascara and my favorite lippie!

Imagine my delight, therefore, at receiving a few weeks back not one, not two, not three, but four new REVLON ULTRA HD Lipsticks in my favorite shades! Let me tell you some of the reasons why I do.

HD MAGNOLIA is light and fresh and perfect for daytime use. If you want that natural, barely there look, this one is for you!

HD HYDRANGEA is my favorite everyday "go to" shade!  I just love it! I use it for photo shoots, meetings, and casual dates. It's just the perfect color for the young and the carefree!

HD GLADIOLUS is the one I first saw on Emma Stone and instantly fell in love with it! It's the most romantic, bright red lipstick that's perfect for the strong, independent woman! It's a shade that's rich and luxurious, you feel like you're out to conquer the world (or at least tame every man!) wearing it!

HD IRIS is for the edgy and the sophisticated me! I like wearing this color when I'm out to do some serious partying at the club!  It's what I'd want to be wearing when I'm out dancing the night away!

Revlon's new ULTRA HD lipstick line features the revolutionary wax-free gel technology that everyone is raving about! And why wouldn't we, when a single smooth swipe assures you of true color clarity and minus the heavy feel!

Though not the most hydrating variety, these lippies have a lot of things going for them: They're long-lasting, some shades have a matte finish but I always love the ones with a little sheen to them! They're also very reasonably priced at PHP575 or US$12.

Oh and they're available in 20 exciting shades so you'll definitely find one or more that suit you!

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  1. Every one piece suits you perfectly, but the most I like is the Gladiolus ;)

    Have a successful week,

  2. Great packaging the shade rocks you look stunning.

  3. I love all those shades! Such a great review!!

  4. Beautiful look! Amazing lipstick colors! =D

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  5. Such cool! I love all the shades!!!

  6. Great pictures. xx

  7. Beautiful pictures, love this black and white look. ^^
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  8. Beautiful shades, all of them look fantastic on you!

    Bella Pummarola

  9. love your Dress!

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  10. Love all the photos!! Great lipstick!!

  11. I Love all the lipsticks! You look so cute!

  12. I love these shades...they look beautiful on you!

  13. I think I'll buy the Magnolia color <3 You look so cute in that photo where you're biting your finger haha :)

  14. you are so flawless!! my favourite on you would be the red one! :D

    Have a great weekend!
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  15. what stunning colors! the last one is my favorite; I love berry hues!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra