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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Palette: The Art of Food

A few nights ago, the Girl About Town team had the absolute pleasure of having been invited to try out some of the specialty dishes being served in one of the newest restaurant bistros in town called PALETTE, The Art of Food. I know, I know, I love the name, too! It conjures images in my mind that cause ramblings of anticipation in my hungry tummy!

I also love the idea of having my food prepared and handled like a work of art. Let's face it, in this age of Master Chef Junior where eight year olds could plate 'em a la Gordon Ramsay, I believe it is totally inexcusable to send out a haphazardly plated dish.

I am also under the impression that it is both a skill and an art to come up with tasty and flavorful dishes, and that chefs whipping up their specialties are much like maestros painting their masterpieces.

So, does PALETTE live up to the expectations?

If you're looking for a place where you can have a casual dining experience and just have a quiet, relaxing time alone, or catch up with friends and family while enjoying good food, then this is the place to go to. The restaurant is located along Mabolo St. corner E. Rodriguez, Sr. Ave. in New Manila Quezon City. If you're driving along Balete Drive coming from Aurora Avenue, turn right on Mabolo St. (the last street before reaching E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.) and just a few meters down the road, you'll find PALETTE on your right. The interior is simple yet cozy with big bright colorful artworks hanging on the walls.  There are two floors and we are told, they can seat from 50 to 60 people at a time.

Now, let's take a closer look at the dishes we were served that night.

For starters, we had two of their popular appetizers.
First came the Chorizo and Gambas, an absolute winner in my book because I just loved the flavorful fusion of the shrimps and the Spanish sausage, sauteed in olive oil, garlic, and some green chili that gave it just the right amount of kick. Yum! Can I get some garlic rice with this, please? But no, that's just the appetizer! 

Then, came the Tinapa Lumpia.  I love Tinapa (smoked fish) for breakfast - both the small fish and the bangus (milkfish) variety, and hadn't thought it can be taken any other way than with some sinangag (fried rice) and egg. So, I was excited to try out the deep fried rolls stuffed with bangus tinapa flakes, salted egg, and lots of other special spices. I tried it alone and it was yummy, then dipped it in the special vinegar sauce called Pinakurat from Iligan, that came with it, and it was super yummy! 
The starters were perfect! By the time I took the last bite of the spring roll, I was all stoked for the next dish.

The Wasabi Fish Tacos came next. Nicco took one bite and quickly declared it as his favorite! We all loved it actually. The lightly breaded fish fillet slices sat on a fresh green lettuce drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise and then wrapped in homemade tortillas! It came with french fries, too so it's perfect for a light snack!

Next we tried a pasta dish, one of the specialty dishes of Chef Richard, whom we had the pleasure of meeting that night. His scrumptious Lobster Marinara quickly became my bet, and from the way Nicco looked on his first mouthful, I knew he had it neck and neck with the tacos. The lobster was light and juicy and done to perfection with a hint of sweetness and zest. The pasta tasted delightful, the marinara sauce was very flavorful.  
This is, to be sure, my own personal favorite.

Then we had the Pastel de Lengua. I love that its tasty and juicy though I personally prefer mine with a light crusty pie instead of the crumby bread sticks carefully arranged on top of the serving dish. But when I tried one of the sticks, even that was tasty!  I love lengua, for those who have never tried it, it tastes much like beef when stewed or braised, but a lot more tender. I love Palette's version of it, perfect with steamed rice and I'm sure to have it again on one of my future visits.


The last main course was the Lamb Stew with Prunes, which Nicco conceded was one of the best he's had. Served with mint rice, the lamb was tender, juicy, and oozing with flavor.
Certainly a must try when you come and dine at Palette.

To end the gastronomic feast, we had Leche Flan and Strawberry Tiramisu.

I loved Palette's version of this all-time Filipino favorite dessert! It's extra creamy but smooth and not overly sweet!

And then, there is the Strawberry Tiramisu which was rich, creamy, and velvety! The strawberry adds the right amount of zest which also serves as a palate cleanser. I loved it so much, I'm getting a craving just writing about it.

Now, meet the head chef, Chef Richard, the friendly staff, and one of the owners, Maricar Martinez!

Check out their FACEBOOK and follow them on INSTAGRAM to learn more about PALETTE

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