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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Amplify Life with JBL & Harman Kardon!

Music and I go a long, long way. Our relationship runs deep and we barely leave each other's side. Music has actually been one of the "constants" in my life, we're virtually inseparable!
I take it with me when I work-out or go for a run. I dance to it when I go clubbing with my friends. During special occasions and get-togethers, nothing can better up the mood, right? We take road trips together. And when I'm stressing about anything, it is music that soothes me like no other!

Naturally, I don't settle for anything less than superior quality earphones, headphones and speakers - the better to listen to my favorite tracks!  They're actually among the few things I don't mind investing my money on. 

So last Thursday, the Girl About Town team was more than a little excited to have been invited to come to the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel and take first dibs at the new JBL headphones and speakers by HARMON KARDON that will soon be released nationwide. 

I, for one, have been using their products pretty much since I was a kid- as my earphones, my desktop computer's speakers, and even my car's sound system. As for Nicco, he's been using the same speakers that he's had since he was 10 and they're from Harman Kardon (the JBL sound sticks)!

The event showcased how they have completely revolutionized sound and seriously got us excited to get our hands on their new products!

Here's a run down of the new JBL products that will be hitting stores this year!

JBL Clip+ (PHP2,995) and JBL Charge 2 (PHP7,995)
Now, these are the speakers that you can take absolutely anywhere, any time! Don't be fooled by their handy size and cuteness because these babies are as durable as they come - tough cookies both! They are part of a series of JBL splashproof products, which means you'll never have to worry about getting them wet when you are outdoors and it starts to rain, or getting thrown into the pool while using them!
You can actually clean them with running water!

JBL Flip 3 (PHP6,495)
Just like the Clip+ and Clip 2, the JBL Flip 3 also has the amazing splashproof  feature but what's truly unique about this one is that it provides 10-hours of playtime with its built-in rechargeable battery. You can even connect up to three smart phones or tablets through its bluetooth feature!
Play the DJ as you party with friends from day to night!

A demonstration of the JBL Flip 3's splashproof feature! 
Small but loud! This feisty sound box will surely be the life of the party with it's wireless bluetooth streaming feature and 5-hours of playtime! You can also pick up a call and use it as a speakerphone!

JBL PULSE 2 (PHP9,995):
This one is my absolute favorite from all their new products! Talk about sound you can see - the Pulse 2 not only provides not just audio but visual entertainment, too! It has an awesome customizable lightshow feature that allows you to watch your favorite tracks come to life in beautiful colors!

 JBL XTREME (PHP15,995):
Now, the JBL Xtreme isn't called that for nothing! It packs in the punch with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion that allows up to 15 hours of playtime and the best part is, it also comes handy as a powerbank! Yes, you guys can charge your gadgets with it's 10000mAh dual USB ports!

JBL Grip:
The JBL Grip is the perfect earphones for athletes and runners! The award-winning twist-lock patented design ensures that these earphones will never fall off no matter how active you get!

JBL Everest:
Ever got caught in a tangle with the long wires of your headphones? Now, you can enjoy your favorite tracks at amazing sound quality without the hassle of wires through the JBL Everest's bluetooth feature!

To learn more about these awesome new JBL products, visit their WEBSITE and for more updates, follow them on: FACEBOOKTWITTER, & INTAGRAM

Which one is your favorite? 

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  1. JBL is a nice speaker/headphone
    LOve the brand
    Thanks for sharing
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  2. Busy na busy ka na talaga ms. Nicole! :)

  3. Looks like a great event! You look beautiful!!!

  4. You look gorgeous in red dear


  5. Beautiful~

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  6. music is a big part of my life too...finding good headphones is really important. This event seems great!

  7. Wonderful post, dear. Have a great autumn day!

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    I have tested, the PTron brand is one of the more original designs I have come across.

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  12. The best thing is, there was no wire connecting me to a stereo. Added to this, the music quality was superb. I fear I’ve had many similar experiences cooking, cleaning, tidying and blogging while listening to Chvrches, Lights, Paolo Nutini, Jimi Hendrix and so on. My wife has got used to calling after me and getting no response because I’m listening to music. I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s consider the Headphones. I’m no stranger to JBL’s products having reviewed its Soundfly wireless speaker system. I also had several of its products demonstrated to me at a special event held for dad bloggers a couple of years ago.