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Friday, October 16, 2015

#FeelTheLove with Whisper

Whisper has always been my go-to pad since I first got my period at age 10.
I was an active child who loved to play sports like soccer and badminton. So it was always important that I had a pad that could provide maximum protection especially on heavy days. It was my mom who introduced me to Whisper and I've had no reason to switch to any other pad. It always gave me the kind of protection and comfort I need.
Whether I was outdoors playing my favorite sport, at home or in school, or spending time with friends, Whisper always gave me the confidence no other pad can!

Today, as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I spend most days being active and always on-the-go so I need a pad that can keep up with my hectic lifestyle!
Good thing I always have Whisper to count on! I love that they always come up with innovations that give us more reasons to love and stick with the brand.

Say hello to the new Whisper Skin Love pad!
This new innovative product comes to us in the Philippines straight from Japan!
Designed with an air-dry cushion top sheet, this revolutionary pad promises a more breathable and comfortable airflow experience. And even though it is only a third of the thickness of a regular pad, Whisper Skin Love still guarantees thrice more absorbency! Talk about keeping us feeling fresh and confident during red days!

Thanks to my Whisper Pampering Squad, who delivered my very own pamper kit right at my doorstep, I got first dibs on the brand new product! And right on time too because it happens to be that time of the month for me!
And I 'm happy to announce that, as always, Whisper has delivered on its promises yet again:
Comfort  - √
Absorbency - √
Protection - √

Plus! Whisper Skin Love comes in two variants, one for daytime use and one for nighttime, to keep you from having to get up from your sleep to change.
The pampering kit even came with body and hand lotion! Boy, they sure know how to take care of a lady!

Thank you Whisper, I could definitely #FeelTheLove!


I'm just loving my Whisper Pamper Kit!

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