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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maybelline's One-Minute Eye Makeup Challenge

Today on the blog, I am showing you guys my everyday simple, eye makeup look that you can surely do in a minute using some of my favorite MAYBELLINE products! The best part is, all these products cost less than PHP500 in total!

Not all of us have the time and energy to wake up extra early in the morning to put on a full makeup look but that doesn't mean we have to compromise the way we look because of that!

Here are three simple steps to bright, fabulous-looking eye makeup to jet start your day!

I usually spend the longest time doing my eyebrows. I do believe you need to perfect them. They frame your eyes, after all, and I noticed that when mine are done to my satisfaction, the rest kind of fall in place. Using Maybelline's Fashion Brow Cream Pencil, I make light strokes, the better not to get them overly dark at once and having to redo them all over again. The creamy texture of this pencil makes it easy to blend using a brush.  I particularly love its pigmentation. My brows look good and defined, but still natural-looking.

Price: PHP99.00 

I like experimenting on the winged eyeliner look and Maybelline's HyperMatte Liquid Liner is perfect for doing just that. You can apply a thin line on days you want the "no makeup makeup look" or go thicker on more special days. It's really easy to control the thickness of the wing. When I want it thicker, I draw an outline just like I did below and then fill it up. I love this product because it has a matte finish and dries quickly so you wouldn't have to worry about smudging. 

Price: PHP199.00

Mascara is one of my must-have makeup items. I can't live without it! I particularly love how it brightens up my eyes and make them pop no matter how sleepy I actually feel! Maybelline's HyperCurl Mascara is truly a winner in my book. It gives you the volume you need without clumping like other mascaras do, and I love the shape of the wand, because it curls up my lashes without much effort and keeps them up, too. I must say I've never met a pocket-friendly, great performing mascara like this one.

Price: PHP199!

Check out the final look below! And guess what? I clinched this one-minute eye makeup challenge with a few seconds to spare! Now, I challenge you to do the same, using this three Maybelline products and let me know how it goes!

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  1. They look so gorgeous, dear! You do a great job :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. Ate where can i find the brow pencil?

  3. I've heard a bit about this eyeliner recently - I should try it out!


  4. Super pretty!! ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

  5. A nice made-up eyes bring out the beauty in every girl. I will try that mascara!

  6. Love your makeup look! You looks gorgeous xx

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

  7. We need to try tat mascara! It has only launched here, so we haven't had the chance to get our hands on it

    M + K

  8. awww so pretty!

  9. Ganda nyo po :-) related po ba kayo kay LA aguinaldo?

  10. Beautiful post dear! I followed you on GFC I hope you will follow back!

    Zarin Kutak