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Monday, February 29, 2016

My Intimate Conversation with #MaybellineGirl, Georgina Wilson!

I had always wondered what it would be like to sit next to a top celebrity, one that you've admired for so long and one that is a source of inspiration for so many including yourself.  Well, early this month, I got my answer when I had the amazing opportunity to interview THE Maybelline Girl, one of Asia's top supermodels, a Filipina beauty and style icon, and my personal idol, the It Girl herself, Georgina Wilson.

To be honest, I was quite nervous and apprehensive leading up to the interview because I wasn't sure how she would be like. She is, after all, a superstar in the modeling industry and has appeared on the cover of top fashion magazines in Asia, and the subject of countless interviews by top journalists. All my anxieties faded away, however, as soon as we were introduced and she flashed that famous smile as we shook hands. Looking stylish in black, one cannot help but marvel at her beauty - perfect hair, perfect makeup. I was starstruck! Fortunately, I collected my bearings in no time and we were able to proceed with the interview!

My interview with top model and Maybelline ambassador, Georgina Wilson!

First off, I have to say that Georgina has the most mesmerizing pair of eyes I've ever seen. Yet, they actually lighted up even more when I congratulated her for being named Maybelline ambassador. "It's been a total dream come true," she says of the experience so far, adding that ever since she started modeling, it had always been her dream to work with Maybelline.

Georgina says it's been a particularly exciting time for her and the brand especially since part of her job has been to represent the brand at the New York Fashion Week.

"It's certainly been the highlight of my stint so far as Maybelline ambassador," she says, gushing about the opportunity not just to attend several shows during the most awaited fashion event of the year, but also to meet other Maybelline girls from all over the world including top supermodel, Gigi Hadid! She said the experience only made her even more excited for NYFW with Maybelline this year!

Georgina sharing with me her NYFW experience with Maybelline!

The interview then turned to her NYFW iconic looks and I commented how versatile the looks are. She confirmed as much saying she loves to experiment on makeup and feels just as comfortable wearing nude lipstick one moment and bright red the next!

Asked what her top three Maybelline essentials are, Georgina says she swears by the HyperCurl Mascara, noting how even the top makeup professionals in New York and other parts of the world love and use it, too. She also loves the Matte 12 Lip Cream that she said she basically used throughout the whole of NYFW. She said the other Maybelline product she wouldn't leave home without is the White SuperFresh powder foundation: "It keeps me looking fresh no matter how busy I get!"

Girl-to-girl talk about beauty and success in the industry!

As the interview drew to a close, I asked Georgina what she thinks are the top three characteristics a Maybelline Girl such as herself should embody. She says a Maybelline Girl should be COURAGEOUS: "She's a go-getter and makes things happen for herself." Next, she says a Maybelline Girl is an EMPOWERED WOMAN: "She believes in herself and knows she can get anything that she wants." Finally, Georgina says a Maybelline Girl is BEAUTIFUL on the inside out. "She is someone you not only look up to for her beauty but also someone you would want to hang out with as well!

As a parting shot, Georgina says a girl can be successful in whatever field she is in as long as she loves what she is doing. "You have to give it your all! Be bold and don't be afraid to reach for your dreams!"

Well said for someone who has fulfilled her dreams and is at the top of her game, definitely the epitome of a perfect Maybelline Girl
and one whom I hope to have the opportunity to work with in the future! 
For New York Fashion Week, perhaps? Why not! Hey, like Georgina herself said, it all starts with a dream! 
It's up to us to #MakeItHappen! Here's to making it happen!

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