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Monday, February 22, 2016

NIVEA Summer Kick-Off 2016 in Bohol

One of the happy perks of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger is you get to try new products even before they hit the market. Over the past two years or so, one of the more thoughtful brands out there has been NIVEA - always sending their latest products for us to try (no demands, just simple notes to say "Hi, hope this finds you well!" or something like that).

So, when I got an invitation to join this year's NIVEA Summer Kickoff event in Bohol, I said yes with no hesitations - the better to get to know the brand and the people behind it. That many of my blogger friends were going as well was certainly a sweet bonus!

And so I counted the days leading up to the event, and when the day finally arrived, I was up bright and early. I was deathly scared of getting stuck in traffic and missing my flight that I got to the airport 2 hours earlier than the specified time! After a few hours of delay (our flight was diverted to Cebu) due to bad weather, we finally arrived in Bohol and headed straight to scenic Bohol Bee Farm for lunch. The food was great and the place was picturesque. And so we bloggers did what we loved to do best- TAKE TONS OF PHOTOS! A perfect first stop, it definitely got us even more stoked for what lay ahead!
With my blogger friends at Bohol Bee Farm
Outfit details: Top, NAVA / Shorts, COTTON ON / Bag, FOLDED & HUNG / Hat, RIVER ISLAND
I, for one, was looking forward to three days of frolicking in the beach but also happily got an education on sun protection and skin care that I would never have found out, had I not gone on this trip.

Upon arriving at the BELLEVUE RESORT, our home for the duration of our stay in Bohol, we had just enough time to revel at the first class accommodations 
(our building was right in front of the beach and the infinity pool - it was a sight to behold!) before being ushered to the conference room for a briefing on sun protection and NIVEA's latest line of products.
I must admit I was unaware of many of the skin care information shared during the afternoon briefing.

For example, did you know that --
•              you need sun protection even on a cloudy day? Just because you don't feel the sun's scorching heat on your skin, doesn't mean it's not there causing damage! So, make sure to put on sunscreen EVERY TIME you go out.
•              higher sun protection factor (SPF) does not mean less tan? It only means it will take longer to achieve the tan you like. The good news is tanning becomes less hazardous and the tan lasts longer!

•              just because you have a tan, doesn't mean you can skip sun protection? The skin's natural SPF is way lower  (normally lower than 6) than those in modern sun protection products. Make sure you use sun protection EVEN when you have a tan.
To further illustrate the importance of sun protection and the effectiveness of the NIVEA products, we were each given this adorable doll that actually gets sunburned and turns a shade of purple if it goes out in the sun without any form of protection. But, when you apply NIVEA's sunblock, retains its natural color! How cool is that?
with fellow bloggers Vina Guererro, Janeena Chan, Ida Anduyan, and Michael Macalos
The next day, we had the chance to put the NIVEA products to the test. 
We all ventured out in groups to take on a series of land, beach, and water challenges. There were relay games, obstacle course races, and frisbee challenges. We managed to finish the activities early and spent the rest of the morning sun bathing and of course, we took MORE PHOTOS!
Outfit details: Swimsuit, SOLEIL SWIMWEAR / Shorts, COTTON ON

The rest of the day back at Bellevue was spent at the beach with my blogger friends! We just couldn't stop taking more photos as the Bellevue had the most beautiful beach and the most amazing view of the sea! We spent the whole afternoon under the sun in our bikinis and swimsuits and, of course, all the skin protection we needed, thanks to NIVEA!

I must say I really loved the Moisturizing and Immediate Sun Protection variant with SPF 50! I had an important photo shoot scheduled after the trip that wouldn't sit well with a tan, so I needed as much protection as I can get. I must say, after spending an entire day under the sun, this variant proved really effective for my specific needs! Best of all, I love how it's light on the skin and non-sticky and water-resistant just like all of NIVEA's other products. 

After taking a shower and preparing for the beach party planned for the night, I decided to try out NIVEA's After Sun Moisture spray. I love how soft it felt on my skin, a lot like lotion! And it smells amazing too! Just perfect for dancing and partying the night away with no less than DJ Tom Taus in the house! A fitting ending to a memorable trip. 
Definitely, we'll be back to take in more of this beautiful island province!

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Special thanks to Michael Macalos & Earth Rullan for taking some of my photos!


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