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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The #UltiMatteFaceOff Challenge with the Maybelline White Super Fresh

Today on the blog, I'm featuring one of the products I've been using quite a lot recently - one that has turned out to be one of my "must haves" from my favorite makeup brand, MAYBELLINE

This cake powder promises to keep you looking fresh and dry for up to 12 hours -longer than any other powder in the market today. It gives you a matte finish, yet surprisingly your skin doesn't look dry at all. But the best part is that it easily absorbs sweat and any form of water without caking or clumping, which in this humid, tropical climate we have in the Metro is truly a gift especially for a busy bee like myself who sweats pretty fast. 

I've been using this product for a couple of months now and it has proven to be pretty effective. But, I decided to put the White Superfresh to the ultimate test! 

Last weekend, I attended the Goodvybes Music Festival at the Aseana City Open Grounds where my favorite local and foreign bands and artists were to perform! It was going to be 14 hours of non-stop music and dancing and since I was going to be with my besties I knew it was going to be one night of crazy partying. So I thought what better way to test the product than right there at the event! 

Before heading to the festival, I did my usual makeup routine using White Superfresh and I promised myself that for just one night, there would be no retouching of my cake powder just to prove if it's 12 hour freshness and dryness was legit! 

It's safe to say that I had an amazing time of dancing and jumping around with the huge crowd as we all partied the night away! And guess what? My cake powder was still intact and my face stayed fresh and dry throughout the whole festival! 

Check out my photos and you be the judge!
My freshly put on makeup with Maybelline's White Superfresh before heading out to the Goodvybes Festival
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My look 12 hours later! My eyeliner, blush, and lipstick are all almost faded except the Maybelline White Superfresh! 

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  1. Perfect review! :)


  2. I would love to try this product! You look lovely as always :)

  3. Your makeup did do a great job, you are right. Such a beautiful woman and wonderful in that top :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. Hey, we're using the same powder! I loveeeee this product as well! Keeps my face matte throughout the day <3 By the way, thanks for answering my interview questions, Nicole!

  5. wonderful review! the staying power is truly quiet impressive!

  6. You look amazing nicole!!! Looks like a great product!!!

  7. You look awesome! xoxo

  8. You look awesome! xoxo

  9. Please do a makeup tutorial! Im curious what products you use

  10. wow!! always looking fresh!! amazing!

    Happy March
    Animated Confessions

  11. This powder sounds great! You look lovely and it looks like you had a great night! :) xx

  12. You look flawless with that gorgeous white top & makeup!

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn