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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hello, Equinox!

Summer has definitely arrived here in Manila and it sure is making its presence felt! This past week, the blazing heat has everyone talking about the Equinox Phenomenon and dire warnings made the rounds in social media about how this astronimical event can cause intense heat waves in parts of Asia especially those situated in the southern hemisphere. That means countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and a few others. This phenomenon is said to occur only twice a year, when the sun sits just above the equator and day and night will be of equal length.

That explains why we've been sweltering in 36-degree C weather or thereabouts in the days surrounding March 20 when the Equinox was said to have occurred.

It's days like these when I'd much rather laze around in my room with the air conditioning in full blast or in some secluded lagoon where the water is cool and soothing. Alas! I still have loads of work to do in the city, some of which entail me to step out and brave the heat in more than just a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Just the other day, I had one such day so I grabbed this white halter top from NAVA, which I love because it's soft, light and airy, and paired it with my favorite black jeans, my most comfortable peep-toe heels, and a small sling bag.
It's simple and casual, yet the accessories somehow gave the look a stylish touch. Don't you think so, too?

Outfit details: 
Heels, M&G in ZALORA

What do you think of this outfit?

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  1. WOAH, I love this outfit way too much! Perfect<3 x Melle

  2. You look superbly gorgeous!

  3. Cannot believe how hot it is there!! Wow, no thanks :) Your outfit is so lovely and your legs are so sexy in those pants. Gorgeous lady!! Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. I love this outfit, you look so chic! I hope you're coping with the heat! :) xx

  5. love that outfit! that pop of red looks great on you :) xx

  6. You look gorgeous Nicole! ! Love the red chanel!

  7. Simple and lovely! :)