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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit #Ariel100StainsIn1Wash

What happens when 100 fearless Filipinas are feted in a celebration of courage and resolute determination to rise above personal obstacles and struggles?

Recently, I had the happy experience of finding out as one of 100 women participants in Ariel's Wash Your Fears Summit held in Makati City.

As it turned out, we heard one inspiring story after another from women of diverse backgrounds - from politics to sports to aviation, to business, to fashion and more - all with one common thread that binds: the relentless drive to achieve and succeed in their chosen field.

As part of the celebration, we were all given the opportunity to undertake a ceremonial "washing away of fears" in which each of the 100 women were given a white shirt on which to write down our fears and daily obstacles using any of the stain-causing agents available from barbecue sauce to engine oil.

Once everyone was done, the shirts were loaded into washing machines and ARIEL, the world's lleading detergent, did what it does best - wash away all the stains in just one wash! 

I must say that after being amongst women achievers and hearing their fascinating stories of struggling, rising, and succeeding, I left the event feeling inspired and certainly empowered to pursue my own dreams. Thank you ARIEL for the opportunity to be part of this worthwhile campaign of encouraging women to empower and support each other and showing us that there is no fear and no obstacle (and no stain) too powerful for us to overcome!


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