Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fight the Inner Voices of Doubt and #StopTheBulong

Today on the blog, I take a little break from the usual fashion posts to share something personal and close to my heart.

My journey as a blogger hasn't always been easy and smooth sailing. I remember when I started out I wasn't even sure what I was doing. I just had a lot of ideas I wanted to share to others and someone had suggested, "Why not start a blog?" And so I did! But when you're unsure and uncertain about what you're doing, that's when the inner voices of self-doubt, fears, and insecurities are loudest and begin to work on you. 

I began to ask myself, "Why am I wasting my time blogging? What could I possibly gain from blogging in the future?" These questions haunted me and it didn't help that there were people who made it their mission to put me down, question my abilities, and say mean things about me.

You know what helped me get through all that? 

A strong support system and the realization that this was truly my passion! Once I was sure this was what I really wanted to do, I worked hard at getting better at it, making every experience an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. And the more I learned, the easier it got to shut off those inner voices of doubt and insecurities! It also helped a lot that I surrounded myself with people who believe in me and who are there to support me!  A big NO to negative vibes! 

Now, I am nothing but grateful and blessed to have all these opportunities that are coming my way and it is all because I decided to #StopTheBulong and to continue to pursue and work on achieving my dreams!

How about you? Are there any inner voices of doubt that are stopping you from pursuing your dreams? Or have you already conquered those inner voices? Share your story, inspire others to #StopTheBulong, and you might just be one of the lucky 10 to win P25,000 worth of Topshop GCs for yourself and another P25,000 for someone you think deserves it! For more information, watch Modess' official video for the campaign or visit their Website, Facebook, and Youtube accounts!

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  1. Nice and truly words! I am also saying NO to negative vibes for almost three years and you know what, my life is much much better and happier ^_^

    I keep my fingers crossed for all those people who decided to change their mind setup =)

    Have a perfect day,
    Michael / facebook / Bloglovin

  2. This is a great post! I read about blog bullying the outer day and I am grateful it hasn't happened to me. I agree that it needs to be stopped. Blogging is a person's passion, and mean comments shouldn't be a part of this.

  3. Love this post, Nicole! I too have faced the same struggles as you when it comes to blogging. It's time to #StopTheBulong! Very inspiring post <3

  4. Great post. xx

  5. This is a really great campaign! Sometimes the fear and self doubt will keep people from reaching their full potential, and this is a campaign that needs to be heard!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  6. Sounds a great campaign! Great pictures and look! =)

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  7. These pics are really nice and reach of signification


  8. Absolutely love this post!


  9. I think I talk about self-empowerment too much on my blog because I've experienced so much of these negative energy from people. Yes, I've been bullied and it's not the best thing but you can always make something beautiful out of all the hardships you've been through ♥

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz

  10. Lovely massage girl! Lovely post..Keep In touch dear..hugs
    rampdiary / My art Blog / Beauty and fashion Blog

  11. great post!!!

  12. Lovely posy! SO kind, and you look beautiful! :D

  13. It is indeed important to get away from negative people who always try to put you down! Thanks for sharing your story!


  14. Oh, this post is amazing! Nicely said!I always loved your blog.Sometimes it's not easy, but stay positive and believe in yourself!

  15. wonderfully written!
    great campaign<3

    For me it is harder to deal with myself, my inner doubts than with others.

  16. Great Post. Keep the positive vibes flowing, Good Look.

  17. This is a great post and great message honey. Well written.

  18. So inspiring! love it!!! what a great post sweetie! xo caro :)

  19. This is an amazing idea! It's a great way to stay positive and keep those inner voices away :)

    Aissa // Tea in january

  20. Very inspiring post! I love your red dress :)
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  21. such an inspiring post! Its defo inspired me to continue blogging despite all the doubts I have!

  22. So positive this post! I'm very strong-minded. Only sometimes have some doubts. I think all of us are special and should pursue our dreams, no matter what other people say.

    Jasmine ♥
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  23. great post!

  24. Moving and positive post. Keep the fight and stay strong.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  25. Wonderful post!! Well said and go girl for doing what you love!!

  26. This is a lovely post, I couldn't agree more with you about saying no to the negative vibes! You look so beautiful and good luck with pursuing your dreams!


  27. Really nice and true words!
    Have a lovely day!

  28. You are an inspiration. I love your message and I can totally agree with you.


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