Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Style Tips for Visiting Japan during Summer

Summers in Japan aren’t like the summers we’re used to here in Manila where the sun and temperatures are constantly high. In Japan, there were moments where it was humid but still quite windy. Not to mention there were also periods of rain during our summer trip.

Dressing up for this kind of weather can be pretty confusing especially if you’re not used to it. I find that it’s all about balancing your wardrobe and finding pieces that can keep you warm but still feels light and comfy.

Here are some types of clothing I found useful during my 9-day trip to Japan during their summer season.

1. Light longsleeves:

During my first few days in Japan, I wore a lot of longsleeve tops. However, I made sure that the fabric of the pieces I wore were breathable, light, and airy in case it gets a little bit too hot out. I also brought along with me a thin cardigan in case I needed an extra layer to keep me warm when it gets a little chilly especially at night.

2. Jumpsuits and midi-dresses:
For me, one of the most stylish yet comfortable types of clothing are jumpsuits and midi-dresses. They’re easy to wear, easy to move around in, and they’re the type of clothing that looks chic without much effort.

I also find that jumpsuits and midi-dresses are the perfect balance of keeping one both warm and cool since they only cover certain parts of your body.

3. Stylish sneakers you can wear with anything:
In Japan where the taxis and ubers are on the expensive side but they’re public transport is efficient and easy to get used to, you’ll surely be doing a lot of walking if you plan to commute your whole trip which was what we did.
One of my BIGGEST essentials during this trip were my new Disruptor 2 sneakers from FILA and my favorite black sneakers from PUMA. Not only are these sneakers stylish and cute but they’re also super comfortable and easy to style with pretty much anything I brought with me. Wearing sneakers is also ideal for that dreaded moment where it starts pouring rain in Japan.

(BULLET TRAIN TO OSAKA! During our 9-day trip, our choice of transport were mostly the subway and trains!)

If you plan to visit Japan during the summer season, I hope you find these tips useful in picking out your wardrobe!

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  1. all your outfits are super cute ate nicole :)

  2. I like all your looks, you really know how to style for all occasions!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Japan looks so amazing. I like all the outfits too!

  4. Gorgeous summer looks Happy summer days

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